A Haunting at Daiso (PT2)

Everything written here is true.

Let us continue our story…

At this point, I got my first hints of maybe there was something more at this Daiso store, something inexplainable lurking in the shadows.

Let’s move on to my first bit of proof.

Below is a photo of a foot print. One of the minor bits of evidence I got. Perhaps it could be explained but this is what I recall, as I was there that night.

I was closing with some coworkers, I believe the person I named Marie was there. I was a cashier so I was up front while Marie was on floor cleaning up. It is standard to check the store before closing and locking our doors. We confirmed no one was in the store when we locked the doors that night.

So, i’m at the register closing up when Marie calls out. “Hey, come look at this.”

We all go over and she points down to some dirty footprint. At first glance. I wasn’t amazed.

“Ew. Just mop it up,” I said.

“I tried,” Marie answered. “It won’t come up. It’s like it inside the floor or something.”


I decided to investigate. I knelt down and touch the print, trying to smudge it or something but to my disbelief, it couldn’t be altered. It was like it was under the smooth coating.

“That’s weird. Think some kid did it?” I asked.

“How? It wasn’t here at closing. I swear. And I didn’t see anything before then. We cleared all the people from the store so no kid could have done it.”

She had a point but I couldn’t verify that as truth if I didn’t see camera footage. Marie did point out though that it was a BARE footprint and there was only ONE.

If some kid with dirty feet came into the store, wearing no shoes mind you, they would leave TWO foot prints, maybe more, but this was just half a dirty bare foot. I took my photo and put it away in the back of my mind. It was a very curious occurrence but Marie was right, it look like it was inside the floor or something. And more so, it looked to be angled so that the child that left it was coming from the backroom…




A Haunting at Daiso (PT1)

The following is a true story.

Year 2016-2017

During this time I worked at Daiso Japan and my coworkers there would say how it is haunted. They called it the “Daiso Ghost.”

Now i’m a believer but i’m also a huge skeptic because I believe most things have a more Earthly explanation rather than supernatural.

To be honest, I didn’t really believe in this ghost no matter how much I joked. I figured it was all imagination. Coworkers would tell stories about hearing things at closing or in the back room when they were alone.

Another coworker, we’ll call her Marie, claimed she was in the back, and this was witnessed by a few others, when a box began to shake and move as if it had something in it. Upon investigating, she found the box was empty.

Another coworker, I forget who, but she had a similar experience where a box moved on its own, as if something was inside, but when she looked, there wasn’t anything alive in there that could push it.

All this seemed pretty far fetched but who would lie about boxes moving? Maybe it was the wind? A small earthquake perhaps where nothing else in the backroom moved but the box. Whatever it was, I wasn’t too spooked. However, I soon got evidence with my own eyes…


    “Interitus” was the word breathed within the world of land. It trembled through the land, bringing with it a great storm. And from the storm came a Pantheric being, a goddess who called herself Demora.

    She took shelter in the black sands, and where she touched, the sand turned to gold. Trees arose around her then, the foliage was lush and green. She went to the middle of her sanctuary and cried a single tear. Where it landed a pond arose and spread. Soon the air was heavy with moisture. The trees kept her company and talked to her. Their leaves were huge and their trunks a rich bronze. They bore fruit with skin that was smooth and shiny, the color of gold. But they soon became jealous of Demora and her skin, which was a bronze more rich and deep than theirs, like dark honey.

    And so she spoke and breathed life into other forms. They reflected her image. Lithe creatures with curves and hips, dark skin covered in scales with ears and tails of a great cat, talons of an eagle and dark wings sprouting from their arms. She raised her hand and earth rose to form her temple. Onyx and gold was her keep. Marbled floors of black and gold veins reflected the fire she called to life to light her halls. In the gold sands is where she made her sanctuary and was known as the goddess of reprieve.


     In the beginning, there was a world of ocean, whose waters reflected the darkness of the void. There was a world of land, where the void gave birth to mountains made of black stone and deserts filled with black sand. In between was a world of sky, forever turbulent with storm clouds that roiled like writhing shadows. And this is what man called the beginning.

      From the waters, dark with void, rose beings of a godly nature, and so were called gods. In the world of water, they rose and became the stars, twinkling above. In between, they became the rain, lightning and thunder. In the world of land they roamed and ruled as kings. And on earth they were worshiped as gods and scorned as demons. They took on fantastical forms. Some winged and horned, others made of light or shadow and at times, donned forms not unlike man. They coveted and took pleasure in their gifts. They hated and laughed, felt envy and fought among themselves. And were known among their own kind as the Panthera.

Can’t Sleep – TrueHorror #1

The following story is true and taken right from my FB author page



Wondering why i’m up so late?

I had a weird dream. It was almost as if I wasn’t dreaming at all. I wanted to sleep early so I turned off the lights after reading some H.P Lovecraft.

I know what you’re thinking and no, scary stories before bed don’t give me nightmares (usually).

Anyhow, I fell asleep I think, and started to feel this presence in the dark. It was like I was being watched. I swore I opened my eyes and looked around, thinking it was nothing, then I rolled back over.

I felt it again. Something in the room with me. I wanted to turn back except, now, I couldn’t move. I was frozen, paralyzed.

I told myself to calm down, that it was in my head and I could move if I wanted. I felt so heavy and sleepy and started to feel a pressure right at my side, like something was stabbing me gently (as if that’s possible).

I couldn’t move though and that’s when I heard it. Not really as sound but as thoughts. It didn’t want me to move. It wanted me to obey and if I didn’t…I saw a dark spot appear in my left eye and I knew it was trying to blind me. I panicked. I wanted it to end. I wanted to be awake.

My whole body was buzzing but I finally managed to move. I sat up and turned over expecting to see something but I was alone. I laid on my back and tried not to fall asleep again because I knew that thing was lurking just off the edge of sleep.

The Books in the Backroom

I didn’t believe the rumors.

So, I hid in the bathroom of the library till after hours and waited for everyone to go home. The lights shut off and I suddenly found myself in darkness. The only source of light was the silver glow of the moon.

But I wasn’t afraid of the dark.

I exited the bathroom and glided past shelves of books, cast in the pale pall of the moon. The library seemed even more peaceful and serene now that everyone was gone; as if it had become a private sanctuary just for me.

I brushed my fingers over the spines of book sitting in the shelves, walking towards the back of the library.

Julie told me not to stay behind. She said the off-limits section gave her bad vibes. She said the books they kept there were magic, cursed, and evil. I didn’t believe her. I wanted to find out for myself and when I told her so, she said I would be cursed if I went down there.

The rumors said the cursed would never return from the basement. Ridiculous.

I got to the door that led to the basement. They must have locked it.

I touched the doorknob, and to my surprise, the door swung open to reveal a dark staircase, untouched by moonlight.

My heart raced, not from fear but excitement. This was a different world. One filled with mystery. Curses weren’t real.

A cold gush wafted up, along with the smell of really old books. It reminded me of our old cellar; the stale smell of dust in a place that had gone untouched for years.

I pulled out my phone and turned on the flashlight, then began my descent. The stairs creaked softly and the painted walls went from eggshell white to plain brick. The air got colder. I sort of knew what was in the basement.

Jared had worked here before and he said he went down to the basement to put away some books that would be kept as antiques. He told me what he saw. Just a small basement with  specialized shelves that had glass to keep books from being damaged. Nothing more, nothing less. As I reached the bottom of the stairs, I saw just that. A regular basement. I smiled and rolled my eyes. Just as I thought, nothing amiss.

A sound came to from my right. I jumped.

I turned my phone in the direction of it and began to follow where I though the noise had come from. Two shelves over and one row down was a bookcase with glass doors wide open. On the floor was a single book. I went to it.

It could have been the wind, a slight breeze. These were old books.

I picked it up. It had no title, just a hard leather cover. I opened it, expecting children’s stories but inside, on its yellowed pages, I saw rows of names and dates. All were crossed out. Some dated back to the 1500s. John, Sara, Emmanuel, Thomasin, Ivan, Christopher, Mary; all cross out next to a date. I flipped through the pages to find all of them like that. Some of the pages even had dark stains; which couldn’t have been blood. It couldn’t be.

I finally reached the last page. The very last. Most of the names were crossed out, all except one.

It was my name.

And it was today’s date.

Why wasn’t it crossed out yet? A chill came over me and I suddenly didn’t feel alone. I heard a door slam and jumped so hard the book fell right out my hands. I ran back to the stairs and climbed them two at a time, breaking out into a cold sweat as my heart pounded.

What I saw made me stop in my tracks, frozen with the first true feelings of fear.

The door to the basement was gone. There was only brick.

“Hey! Hey, is someone out there?”

I placed my hands were the door should have been, feeling the cold brick with wide eyes. That’s not what was here. There was a door, I know there was. I heard the stairs creak behind me and whirled around, shining my light into an empty staircase.

I wasn’t alone here. They must have locked me in.

I turned back around and startled when I saw the door had returned. I nearly screamed in joy as I yanked it open. I stopped.

My blood turned cold.

Beyond the door was a basement. The same one with the same shelves. I couldn’t move. I was shaking.

To my right, I heard a sound and knew it would be a book that had dropped. I gathered the courage to move. My head was spinning. I walked two down and past one row, picking up a hard, leather bound book. I opened it and the smell of fresh blood hit my nose hard enough to make me nauseous. I went to the very last page, trembling fingers shaking the pages.

I saw my name written down, today’s date.

And it was crossed out in blood.


Mary called me at some ungodly hour of the night. I can’t complain—she’s my girlfriend.

“Jasmine?” she said. I could hear the tears over the phone. I was used to it. Another one of her break downs.

“What’s wrong, babe?”

“I’m just tired of all this shit.”

I guess she meant her quiet life, in her warm house, with her loving mom.

“I’m nothing, and I’ll never be anything,” she said.

“That’s not true. You know it’s not. Just try to put your mind to something. You’re beautiful and smart.”

“Then how come no one wants me?”

“I want you. I love you.”

She never says it back anymore. I only get tears. She won’t listen to me. She won’t get a job, she won’t talk to her friends. She just cries.

“I can’t convince you to love yourself.”

Or me.

“I can help you,” I said.

“I just don’t want to deal with it anymore,” she said.

For once, I heard resolve in her voice.

“I don’t want to be here anymore.”

I was tired.

“Then, I guess this is goodbye?” I said.

Mary sniffled. “Yeah.”


“I’m not going to die here,” I said, gripping the oxygen tank.

“Then you’re fooling yourself because we’re trapped,” Tia said.

The emergency lights of our pod flashed.

“They won’t find us in time,” said Tia.

Her dark hair was plastered to her sweaty forehead. We had already taken off our suits due to the air unit failure.

“I don’t know how long we’ll last but I’m not giving up,” I said.

“How much air do we have left?” she asked.

I looked at the canister and honestly, it wasn’t enough for the both of us. Tia’s eyes were too wide. She was scared.

“I thought you weren’t afraid of dying,” I said.

“I’m not scared of death, I’m scared of how I’m going to die.”

“That’s the same shit,” I said.

“No, it isn’t. I can be afraid of burning to death but not afraid of dying. I just want to go peacefully.”

“Suffocation is peaceful.”

“How the hell would you know?” she asked.

I tried not to breathe in too deeply as the alarms pinged and the red backup lights came on.

“When I was seven, I went to that water park on Mars with my neighbor’s kid, Diana,” I said. “You know those big wave simulators they always have? I got in without an inner tub and I was having so much fun that I kept going deeper, believing some magic held me up. Well, one wave caught me by surprise, right in the face and before I could spit the water out, another one crashed into me.”

Tia was silent.

“It only took two more times before I realized I hadn’t taken in any air and had begun to sink. Below the surface, I opened my eyes and everything was so clear. My lungs started to hurt so I just let go, I breathed in and everything felt so…right. It didn’t hurt or anything. As I sunk to the bottom, everything seemed serene and beautiful. I realized in that moment that I had a choice to make; I could fight to live or die.”

I took a breath.

“So, I swam up to the surface with every ounce of strength left in me and got to the surface. I clung to someone’s inner tube despite them slapping my hands. Then I swam back to shore.”

“What did Diana say when you got out?”

“After I got out, she found me and I told her everything. She looked at me and asked me if I wanted to get ice cream,” I said.

Tia just looked at me.

“So, don’t tell me aren’t afraid. You are. Everyone is afraid of the unknown.”

She shook her head and opened her mouth but I stopped her.

“I don’t want to argue,” I said.

“I’m not arguing.”

“I’ve known you since grade school. You were going to.”

The alarms were the only noise in the pod. Tia took the oxygen mask and breathed in.

“You told me you couldn’t wait to die,” she said. “You remember? You told me you couldn’t wait to get out of your ‘flesh prison’ and be done with all this. Why are you always fighting to hang on?” she asked.

It was a good question. I always wondered about that day I almost drowned and why, despite the abuse I hid from my parents, why I chose life. Was it instinctual?

“You joined the Omega Exploration Unit because it’s a highly unpredictable job. Who knows what can happen to us out here. Look at us now, trapped and dying,” Tia said.

“I took it because it pays,” I said. “Calm down, you’re taking all the air.”

“Don’t tell me to calm down,” she said, voice cracking. “I don’t wanna die.”

I didn’t look at her but I heard her tears. My chest felt cold. Was there a choice?

“I don’t want to die, Jenni. I want to get out of here and see my family and friends again. I want you to get out of here too,” Tia said.

“That’s not possible. We both can’t make it. There’s just not enough air left,” I said.

I couldn’t look at her. My hands tightened on the canister. I could bash her in the head and she wouldn’t see it coming. She said she wasn’t afraid of dying.

“Then what do we do? We already sent out a distress signal,” said Tia.

“They won’t be here in time,” I said. “There’s only enough air for one.”

She didn’t have much to say to that. It was already hard to breathe. I finally looked at Tia, my best friend.

“Do you remember when we were at that summer camp and they made us do the night walk and you were so scared you thought a bear would come out the darkness and kill us?”


“And I said, ‘I’d distract it so you can get away. I’d die for you if I had to.’”

Tia stared at me, red rimmed eyes full of tears. It was almost funny. She wouldn’t be so sad if it was her dying, would she?

“So, I guess I’ll make good on that,” I said, handing her the canister.


I sat back, heart suddenly racing. Calm down.

“Take the oxygen and live.”

She shook her head.

“I can’t let you do that,” she said.

“Then give me the oxygen and stay behind.”

We shared silence. Tia took the canister and held the mask to her face. My heart was racing wildly. I felt light headed, but maybe it was the lack of oxygen. My skin was tingling, vibrating with adrenaline. I had made my decision. This was it.

“This is the one time I think I’ve ever felt so damn alive,” I said, taking in a shaky breath.

Tia placed her hand on top of mine. I let her.

“It’s exhilarating, knowing it’s your last moment. I’m thinking so many things.”

Tia didn’t speak. She just slowed her breathing and tried to relax. She listened and held my hand. I tried to relax as well, but my body felt like it was on fire and my vision was hyper focused, just like when I was under the waves of the pool.

“I told myself I would never be afraid of dying,” I said. “Because I do not die. I simply enter Death’s domain.”

Tia squeezed my hand and I squeezed back. My heart pounded in my ears and I listened to it as everything darkened. This was the end. Tia would live and I would die; but I would be the one to truly escape.