Vol. II

    “Interitus” was the word breathed within the world of land. It trembled through the land, bringing with it a great storm. And from the storm came a Pantheric being, a goddess who called herself Demora.

    She took shelter in the black sands, and where she touched, the sand turned to gold. Trees arose around her then, the foliage was lush and green. She went to the middle of her sanctuary and cried a single tear. Where it landed a pond arose and spread. Soon the air was heavy with moisture. The trees kept her company and talked to her. Their leaves were huge and their trunks a rich bronze. They bore fruit with skin that was smooth and shiny, the color of gold. But they soon became jealous of Demora and her skin, which was a bronze more rich and deep than theirs, like dark honey.

    And so she spoke and breathed life into other forms. They reflected her image. Lithe creatures with curves and hips, dark skin covered in scales with ears and tails of a great cat, talons of an eagle and dark wings sprouting from their arms. She raised her hand and earth rose to form her temple. Onyx and gold was her keep. Marbled floors of black and gold veins reflected the fire she called to life to light her halls. In the gold sands is where she made her sanctuary and was known as the goddess of reprieve.


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