Between and Betwixt (True Story) PT1

This is going to be a story, and if may say, a discussion, on the state between consciousnesses and sleep, particularly when it comes to yours truly and the things I have seen and felt while being in this state.

Why do I feel the need to address my own sleeping habits? Because I think there is something just on the other side of this reality that we as Humans can reach when we fall asleep and open ourselves up to different states of consciousness.

I would also like to make clear that I am not talking about sleep paralysis.

I have had sleep paralysis and I know what it feels like when it concerns me. I am fully conscious and aware that I cannot move. I can feel a tingling sensation and hear a slight ringing. I also have never seen anything out of the ordinary when having sleep paralysis but still experience an irrational fear when paralyzed. This is just my own case.

So, when I talk about being half awake, I am not talking about paralysis. And I know you will want to refer to it, but please, do not. In everything I will discuss, I was able to move. I experienced no symptoms of sleep paralysis; no fear, no tingling, or actual paralysis.

That being said, I must also disclaim that I get Hypnopompic Hallucinations.

This means that when I wake up, I sometimes hallucinate visual or auditory things. I want to address this as well, because you might be thinking “hey, we’ve solved it all with those few words. You just imagined it.”

No. Like my paralysis, my hallucinations are usually very specific. I hallucinate what truly terrifies me the most; spiders.

Sounds silly but i’m extremely phobic and I’ve only ever hallucinated spiders. I wake up and it looks very real. The spider would be someplace very close, maybe by my head or on the wall and as soon as I see it, it scurries abnormally fast out of sight.

I have never hallucinated anything else but spiders. And I don’t mean to be a dead horse, but again, I do not see things during paralysis so the story i’m going to tell you about what I saw, is in my belief, proof in my own eyes that there is something beyond the veil of our waking reality.


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