I Wait by the Fire (Passions II)

You’ve spurned me, hurt me, and abandoned me.

You were someone who

was supposed to protect me.

You remember that time we walked together,

How I asked for your love?

And you told me, “never forget,

the moment you need me,

I will not be there.”

Are you satisfied? Your wish has come true.

You’ve left me here, in this dark place.

Your words have lit the fire.

and it rages on through the night,

until the time you

come back, crawling on your belly.

And I do wait.

Yes, oh brother,

I will wait by the flames until the day

I can spurn you,

hurt you,

and abandon you.



3 thoughts on “I Wait by the Fire (Passions II)

  1. Perhaps him leaving was for the better. But I guess if you got rid of your demons (him) you’d also get rid of your angels…is it worth it?

    Unless you’re talking about an actual person, then…
    “She finally got to hear those words.
    You offered her the moon and the stars
    and the sun and the whole world but she refused.
    You’ve been gone for so long and she
    became stronger and capable of walking alone.
    The darkness wasn’t the big bad wolf trying to swallow her.
    She made a friend out of it.”- lunaiswriting (blog)

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  2. WAIT….SIBLINGS…oh never mind about that poem…it made everything messed up 😂 I thought it was “bother”.

    But if he abondaned you, someday, he won’t have nails to begin with to crawl on the ground…instead, he’ll sink. Perhaps there, he can truly realise the meaning of “abondan”.

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    1. For some reason WordPress didnt yell me you commented on these earlier lol
      I still enjoyed the poem in the first comment!! I have a post coming out friday that is about lovers instead of siblings. I almost made it Passions III but don’t want to confuse people on who “he” is

      Haha yes its about siblings. A sister and brother…siblings are supposed to look out for each other but I guess shell never know that kind of care and love. She still remains there in that dark place by the fire. Alone.


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