The First Horseman

The cloaked figure handed her the pale child.

It was wrapped and bundled, making small noises.

“This baby shall bring about the end,” the figure said.

She looked at the cloaked creature, cradling the child gently.


11 thoughts on “The First Horseman

  1. Gently is the farthest adjective I’d use for this type of story. What’s up with horror and murdering kids? Seriously. Even I do, along with my friend, do it. πŸ˜‚


      1. What do u listen when writing horror? I like to listen to spooky music. Any good horror score will do. The insidious soundtrack. The intro song to Rosemary’s Baby is very creepy. πŸ™‚ There’s a song by Jane called it’s a fine day. It’s so good.

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      2. Ohhh the Insidious score. That sounds fun. Maybe i’ll try that. I like Rosemary’s baby! I need to re listen to the intro. Does music help you find your muse?

        Normally, Horror is the one genre I prefer complete silence for because I find utter silence to be scarier than anything I can play. Your mind starts to wander. You begin to hear bumps and creaks as you write about haunted houses. Small murmurs when you write about a killer stalking the streets…the silence becomes so heavy, that you begin to beg to play some music to get away from it. (I think I just wrote a mini horror story there xDDD)

        But! I do love me some metal or classical for horror. Sometimes ever some dubstep and a nice beat to help me focus.


      3. The music helps me sustain the creepiness. But I do not always need it. Silence is good too. But I do not really listen to metal haha. I have listened to classical. I find that classical gives a tint of sadness ( depending on the song of course).

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      4. I love me some dark, brooding piano playing. I wish I could play myself. Ironically my father is a musician haha

        Oh!! try looking up Cryo Chamber “Nyarlathotep” on youtube. Ambient creepy music I sometimes listen to~


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