The Baptism at St. Helen’s

To the church I go

the other children hold my hand

we go with a smile and song.

Oh, how they make me recite their tales

of crosses and Shepards,

holy spirits and burning things.


In line we stand

They made us undress and wear white frocks

I am naked underneath

and naked I feel.

I can see the tub up ahead and the priest

with his bible.

The other children sing and

hold my hand as we go.


My turn at the tub, I step inside the

cold, bone chilling waters.

dozens before me, all dunked inside.

I lay myself down and the priest reads his words.

He says I will be blessed

but the Dark Lord will not turn his back on me

Satan says among the prayer,

‘one day, you will come home’ and then

I am submerged.


I am held by the pressure of hands.

will they drown me?

I am frightened

This embrace is frigid and I feel alone.

I am shaking.

I am cold.


Father save me.

Father save me.


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