Dark Intentions 2

I hated my fucking roommates. They did things to purposely annoy me and I tried my best not to step on anyone’s toes, but what did I get back? “Aren’t you going to mop?” after they had tracked in muddy footprints. “Move your stuff, this is common space.” And then they’d put their stuff there instead.

It was times like these, when I got really angry that I caught sight of the black, writhing monster. It would always be standing somewhere just out of sight, peering at us as I argued. My anger seemed to make its arms slither and whip quickly.

The closer it got, the more detail I could see. I noticed it didn’t just have one mouth on its inky, dark body, but multiple slits that opened up to show sharp teeth and a thick, pink tongue.

“Fuck you, clean your own mess up!” I screamed.

“You live here too!”

“Yeah, and I’m not a slob.”

“I clean up!” they said.

“Yeah, cause you’re a slob,” I shot back.

The thing stood in the corner, behind my roommate, watching us fight. I caught a glimpse of it and a chill ran down my spine.

It was smiling.


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