Dark Intentions 3

I woke up to banging on my door.

“Move your car,” my roommate yelled.

My vision was blurry from sleep. I groaned, not understanding. It was eleven at night.

“What? Why?”

“Cause I need to go,” she said.

“Then why didn’t you tell me before you’d be leaving?”

Something moved in the corner of my room. It was dark, too dark to be normal shadows. I shuddered.

“Just move your fucking car,” they screamed.

I could hear their feet storming off. The front door opened and slammed. I felt my chest warm with anger. I had work tomorrow. Who the fuck were they to be waking me up just to go party on a Thursday night?

Something glinted in the corner of the room. I looked into the blackness of the corner and saw shiny teeth. Before the scream that was crawling out my throat could escape, I heard the blast of a horn. It jarred me out of bed.

I went to the window. My roommate was outside, honking for me to hurry up and move my car which was in front of theirs. I glowered, peering out the window, heart racing. I felt like I was burning inside. I hated the loud noise. I clenched my fists as they insistently honked.

Fucking asshole. I wanted to rip them apart. Why were they so rude all the time? If only I could do something. If only I could show them just how bitchy they were all the time.

I swore under my breath, defeated, and turned to grab my pants. I chill ran down my spill though and I froze. Pain shot through my limbs. I opened my mouth to scream but couldn’t. I was paralyzed.

And then, I felt it crawling up my body.


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