A Glance Back

It’s not even nine o’clock and this lady walking ahead of me with her son, turns back to glance at me. Her son, who looks like he can’t be older than thirteen, turns as well.

I’m Black, wearing my hoodie and comfortable sweatpants. Not all that intimidating, but they speed up, walking faster down the street. It’s a residential neighborhood; less lights. I understand but really?

Rolling my eyes, I just shove my hands in my pockets and keep walking. There’s a grocery store on the main street. I just wanted some water and yogurt.

The lady isn’t walking that fast but she turns around again, face worried. I sigh.

Miss, don’t no body want you.

So, I stop completely and wait. I shouldn’t have to do this but I do. I shuffle a bit in place, then feel like an idiot for letting them go ahead. I bet someone in their house was getting a kick out of this.

I glance back for myself

Behind me was the big form of some bulky man. He stood only a few feet away. He was tall, dressed in black with broad shoulders. He too had a hoodie on, one that hid his face. I froze, unable to speak past the lump in my throat.

Something silver glinted in his hand.

That lady…she wasn’t running from me.


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