A Crooked Story

This is the story of Jerry Edmond,

who lived with his wife, his dog, and their unborn son.

He worked in an office all day and night,

till the stress built and made the happy couple fight.


“You don’t love me. I bet you’re sleeping with the clerk,” Mary said with ire.

Jerry denied this, “I do love you.” but Mary screamed, “Liar!”

He’d sacrificed his money and time–everything for her. There was no debate.

Why did it matter that he came home late?

“Shut up!” he said. “You’re driving me fucking crazy!

You don’t work, you sit around all day, fat and lazy”

Mary gasped, “You pig, I’m pregnant with your child.”

Then she made him sleep on the couch feeling exiled.

For the next few days, his wife was as quiet as a mouse,

but nothing got better in the Edmond house.

The dog barked all the time now;

it was irritating and annoying, much more than Jerry could allow.

So, he grew tired of the noisy thing

and thought no one would ask if he went missing.

He grabbed a crowbar and spent some time with him one day

beat the pup and bent its body in a funny way

Now Jerry lived with just his wife

and he really tried to lead a good life.

But when his stress made him turn to drugs and booze

His wife’s face, arms, and neck began to bruise.

“You’re a terrible man,” said Mary. She’d had enough and wanted to leave.

“You still love me,” Jerry answered. He wanted to believe.

“I can’t stay here. Goodbye,” Mary finally said.

“You can’t take my baby.” Jerry blocked the door. “The only way we part–is dead.”

That night befell the greatest tragedy.

Jerry took a bat to crook Mary’s spine violently

Down the stairs she fell, twisted and broken.

He wished it didn’t have to be so but he hadn’t misspoken.

Now, both Mary and the dog were crooked and bent

Leaving Jerry alone, so to the grave he went.

He waited till dawn then hung himself from the ceiling fan.

Broke his own neck. Now they call him The Crooked Man


5 thoughts on “A Crooked Story

    1. Unfortunately wordpress messed up the formatting. I can’t get it the way I want. It turns it into one block. its really annoying. Kind of my only grip with wordpress but there’s nothing I can do about it ;____;

      I’m glad you still enjoyed the poem though!!
      I have a few stories i’ve been working on in the form of poems! I really enjoy rhyming. its so fun.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Yes, wordpress is annoying when it comes to the format.
        I hate it.
        I don’t quite enjoy the rhymes when I write them myself. But other stuff is good. 🌺🌺

        Liked by 1 person

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