Quest for The Golden Ale

All aboard

and raise the sail

we’re questing for the golden ale!


our quest will be

for the treasure of

the seven seas


Blood will be spilled

blood will be spilled

blood will be spilled for the golden ale


All will be killed

all will be killed

all will be killed for we will not fail


Far across the sea we ride, with the British army on our hides

They shoot their guns and fire canons, but it is they who will abandon.

We are not afraid to board, we call ourselves the “Scally Horde”

We slit their throats and take their gold, and then we throw them in the hold!


Corpses sink into the sea!

Onward we go

onward we go


We’re drawing close to the sacred booty!

Golden Grotto

Golden Grotto


All around are dead bodies

The undead arise

The undead arise


They protect their ale from piracy

All will be slain

All will be slain


We’re questing for the golden ale

From the port we did set sail

Now we have our ale alright

we died for treasure, a pirates life


The dead will never let us go

We join the curse of Golden Grotto

we drink our ale, the greatest joy

drunk all night, forever



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