World Building Rolls

Starting August, I’ll be rolling for worldbuilding everyweek!

If you don’t know what Rolling is, visit my “New Beginnings” post.

This can include stories already posted, to collections and even tales i’ve yet to release. So you could find lore on worlds and stories you haven’t heard from but will come int he future. Regardless, if I roll for it, i’ll write for it.

below is a rough list of what type of world buildign I can roll for. If you see somethign I can add to this list, leave a comment!

  1. Character Profile
  2. World History
  3. Local Lore
  4. Culture and Tradition
  5. Language
  6. The Metaphysical
  7. The Mundane
  8. Government and Politics
  9. Race and Tribe
  10. Religion and Spirituality

I want to explain why I stopped at 10. I have a D20 dice, as you may know. However, I don’t always have anough items, so I stop at 10 and all values are doubled when I roll. So if you roll a 4, its culture, if you roll a 14, its culture again.

For mostly my benefit, I did an example from Artificial Interactions as if I had rolled for all 10 and what that would look like in terms of how i’ll be diffrentiating religion from lore. I don’t even have all the details but I gotta knwo if this is goning to work and so far, so good!

I’m looking forward to being back. Let’s get lost in a tale together~

Artificial Interactions Example

·  Character Profile

Name: Kenya

Pronouns: She/Her

Age: 28

Nationality: American

Race: Human

Occupation: Rebel

Residence: Neo Angeles, California

Personality: Kenya grew up alone and having to figure things out themselves. She worked hard and keep an open mind. She is a Tron sympathizer and tend to not care much for Humans. Kenya keeps to herself but has a strong sense of loyalty.

·  World History

            4130 – Trons were given legal citizenships, recognizing them as sentient, synthetic beings. Trons were original developed to help mankind live easier but it was discovered that some could “think” and “feel.” This led to a Synthetics Rights movement in 4023 and continued for over 100 years, till they were granted legal citizenship.

·  Local Lore

            Tron Railroads – Hidden safe houses are said to exist for Trons escaping persecutions. This safe house are railroads synthetics can flee to for help leaving a particular hostile area.

·  Culture and Tradition

            The Droidian Festival is held every March is honor of the first Tron to obtain Citizenship.

·  Language

            Most people speak a Human language but Trons have developed their own way of communicating with each other.

·  The Metaphysical

            Magick does not exist on this plane. Potions are not used, not arcane weapons of anykind.

·  The Mundane

            Technological advances are plentiful! Here I would describe their weapons or essentials

·  Politics and Monarchies

            In AI, California is still a part of the USA and ruled by a president.

·  Race and Tribe

            Two races exists, Humans and Trons/ Synthetics

·  Religion and Spirituality

            Christianity still prevails here but other religions and beliefs are quite common, including a worship of Machines!


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