Legacy and Lineage – Dragon’s Lore

The “Dragons” series follows last living dragon charmer, Skye Bloodtear, on his quest to save his sister and avenge the deaths of his family–all with the help of a blood thirsty, venegful dragon.

Legendary Lineages

This world is riddled with both mystery and lore. Skye’s own family is part of a local legend or rather–local legacy.

The kingdom Gul’ashtan, Mishtar’s ancient incarnation, was once overrun with magical beasts of all sorts, including man-eating dragons. Legend goes, that the only thing that saved humanity at this time were brave, powerful warriors said to be from blessed families.

These families were conscribed by the king and made noble houses that were said to have powers including but limited to awesome strength, a sense for magick, prophecy, enchanted weapons, dragon taming and demon slaying.

Of the eight great heroic families said to exist back then, only four bloodlines are said to still live in Mishtar presently. The powers display in times past have been forgotten or lost but these heroic families still retain some kind of supernatural strength and/or abilities.

Some say, with the slaying of magical beasts, the families themselves lost power. In present days, the heroic families remain noble houses. The yeilding of great heros has decreased however and with time, these powers were thought to have vanished.

Those who witnessed the heroic feats of these families are long dead and now their legend lives on in history.

Heroic Families

Below is a list of the last known living heroic bloodlines, including Skye’s and Amira’s who are the last of their bloodline. Each family was known for a specific kind of power but all produced great heroes.





Below is a list of heroic bloodlines said to have died out.






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      1. I have a tab where I keep name ideas that either pop into my head or I hear around! One of my friends adopted a cat originally named Basilone, and I freaking loved that name so I noted it. Sometimes it’ll work in the opposite, too. I’ll see some artwork and think “Oooo they look like this name I noted down!”

        I really want to draft my first chapter by the end of next week while I’m still on vacation. Of course I get into this frenzy of notetaking and world-building lol. I look at it as any progress is good progress though 🙂

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