Character Profile – Arscenia – “The Werewolf of Arscenia”

My first character profile is from a WIP story in my Afro-Multiverse called, “The Werewolf of Arscenia.” And of course, who other should we get to know than the main character, the sorcerous Lady Arscenia! I’ve decided to break up the character profile into 4 sections. Background, physicality, personality and Miscellaneous/Bonus details like her best friend or something like that. For this one, I drew Arscenia, something I had been struggling to do for a couple months.

What do you think? Check it out at the end! 👇🏾

Background Information

Full Name: Arscenia Jyss Lukwavren

Pronouns: She/Her

Age: 28

Nationality: Rushian

Race: Human

Occupation: Sorceress/ Governess

Residence: Arscenia-hold, Sable, Rush.

DOB: November 2nd

Place of Birth: Cheragot, Nina, Rush.

Practitioner: Yes


            Arscenia is a Rushian born practitioner. Rush is a country within the United Sevens. Arscenia was born in the state of Nina. She was raised by her middle-class family, not far from the capitol, in a small town called Cheragot.

            Arscenia grew up with one older brother and her mother and father. Her magical gifts were discovered a bit later in her life, but her interest in the supernatural and metaphysical was very apparent at an early age.

            From the age of 6, Arscenia studied light and dark magick as well as the magical creatures known to her world. It was only at 16 that she began to practice herself, and at 18 she began to study under a teacher, becoming an independent mage.

            By 20, Arscenia was enrolled in the Nina University of Magical Arts where she studied curses, hexes and cures on her path to become a mage and governess of her own appointed land—a job that was strongly suggested by her parents who strove to have both their children make a name for themselves.

            During her studies at the UMA, Nina fell in love with a young, popular student who she dated till her graduation, only to find out that he has chosen to become the lap mage to a well-known bachelorette in Nina’s high society. Seeing her lover easily drawn into the arms of another, Arscenia decides that when she graduates, she will be moved to a state far from Nina.


Height: 5’6”

Weight: 170

Eyes: Charcoal

Hair: Black

Skin Tone: A rich, dark almond

Body and Fitness: Lean, somewhat athletic

Distinct Features: Eye patch and scar.


            Arscenia is a woman scorned. From childhood she was put under pressure to succeed by her parents. Although fairly good looking, she was often picked on and made an outcast for her obscure magical interest. Arscenia can forgive, but never forgets.

            She is good natured in general but is also a very curious practitioner and often finds herself in the grey zones of magick. She is outgoing, calm and calculated, yet ambitious. She can be charming and somewhat opinionated.

            People tend to be attracted to Arscenia but may be cautious due to her eccentric nature. Despite spending her time buried in her work, Arscenia is invested in helping others with her magick.


Portrait of the Sorceress Arscenia

The Sorceress Arscenia – By Mercury

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