The red and pink glow of fireworks lit the sky, crackling and popping loudly as they went off. The people watched in awe, faces lit with the glow of the skyward display. It was with every pop and boom that my gun went off. I trained my eye, looking down my scope as they gazed […]

Dream Girl

Every night I close my eyes, I see my dream girl. She appears in the light of the moon, With skin of shining alabaster. Her mouth is the shape of a bow And stained the crimson of a rose. Her eyes watch me With the intensity of a hawk. I can’t look away from her […]

In The Distance

Dark horizon rumbles and clouds boil from afar like tar, they crawl across ominous skies under stars that cower from stolen light which arcs its passion for its lover who follows boisterously announcing to the world, their love that rips across the land, apathetically.