“Man From the Sea” (Audio)

Yup! It’s Sunday’s video and it’s a Fantasy~! This story was based off of a poem, “Man From the Sea,” that I wrote a few years back. There is also a short story version. It’s a tale of chance encounter, beauty, desire and unfilled longing to grasp the mysteries of this world. Enjoy~

Man From the Sea – Poem

He stirs, washed ashore. beautiful, with eyes paler than hair spun of sapphires, reminding the sailor of maidens and lore.   He struggles, man from the sea, casting glances and spots the other, who knows his flesh could grant immortality.   Stranded but not helpless, the sea man is more sailor than he. Twice his […]

“Man From the Sea”

  Takke went down to the shore, where the docks creaked above slow churning waters, as cold and grey as coming storms. He knew the path well, every bush and tree. When the breeze blew and salt touched his tongue, he knew to leave the path, and cut through the line of trees, whose bodies […]