Pyk Lore- The Pykey Forest Disappearances

Update #3, chosen specifically by me, is on Pyk local lore: Faeries.

This week, i’ll be introducing the first tale in my Afro-Multiverse. This piece of lore is based around the legends and myths of the Pykey Forest, the largest and closet forest to the town of Pyk, located in Eom.

Below will talk about why the people of Eom, especially those in Pyk, fear the forests and what may be living there.

“Sighting of Pykey Faery”

The superstitious, hardworking people of Pyk live in a geography. The province of Eom is home to a vast majority of forests, jungle and hilly, mountainous terrain. It is a place where people become easily lost and confused due to the terrain. The town of Pyk, formerly Pykey, is located in the bay area. The climate is crisp and cold with much of the land frequently clouded by fog.

Pyk is just 7 miles out from Pykey Forest, one of the largest woodland areas of Eom, which extends up into the province of Aisl. Since the time of its establishment as Pykey, Pyk has been afflicted by “serial disappearances.”

Only in the past 80 years does Pyk have documention of missing persons in and around Pykey Forest. The first documented report was from a well known fishing lord of Pyk, Lord Marquis Umis, whose twelve year old daughter, Samiere Umis, suddenly went missing after being seen playing with friends near the forest.

Lord Umis put in a complaint with the town’s sheriff and insisted that his daughter did not run away. After a ten day search for the “lost” girl, authorities received complaints of more missing children, the friends of the fishing lord’s daughter. All the kids were missing.

It was because of the fishing lord’s wealth and popularity that the incident was given a spotlight and situation taken seriously.

“The missing children were a sign of intelligent abduction,”

Former Pyk Sheriff Lusef Juleece
“Poster of Missing Child: Samiere Umis”

For the first time ever, the public was officially aware of children having gone missing in the Pykey forest. The search for Samiere stopped after the 30th day. No evidence was ever found as to the children’s whereabouts or as to what truly happened in the forest.

It didn’t take long for stories and fear to spread. Children were told to beware, that people, kids especially, were being taken by magical creatures who lived in the forest. Despite the rumors, a large portion of Pyk citizens did not believe in “faeries” but recognized that something was taking people.

The first “evidence” of magical foul play was from young Cairyl Dupra, after he and his three friends went into the forest. Cairyl was the only one to return. A day after goign into the forest, Cairyl came back lookign as a witness said “roughed up and shaken to the core.” His two friends were gone, missing in the forest, or as Cairyl suggests, “taken.”

I saw it. I did. A pointy face and terrible eyes and teeth. It had wings…a tiny thing. It wanted our flesh and blood.

Cairyl Dupra

After this famous incident, the people of Pyk began to avoid the topic of the forest, as well as the place altogether.

Still, rumors remained and people disappeared. People had stopped mentioning it and investigations never lasted long, but posters remain plastered all around Pyk, even till this day. They are a dark reminder that if one ventured too close, too deep into the forest, they’d be another face on a poster.

That’s it for this update! I hope you like the bonus pictures, drawn by myself.

Please check out the short story “The Faery of Pykey” this Sunday!


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